2,200,000 Americans are now incarcerated
Who Are The Jena Six
The Justodians-----Information technologists dedicated to rooting out corruption in our courts.
Fighting Judicial Corruption
Dirty Judge

Judges are public servants.
They administrate our laws;
They may not make their own.

Our function is to:
1. Digitize audio tapes from public trials.
2. Analyze the data and identify dirty trials.
3. Obtain statistical proof of consistent judicial misconduct such as:
     Judicial Hostage Taking, Witch Hunting:, Legislating From The Bench, Judicial Homicide, and Judicial Bias
4. Spotlight judges who abuse their office.
5. Receive Complaints On Abusive Judges
6. Ensure that victims of the same judge are aware of each other.

Project "CSPAN": See how we can eliminate judicial corruption right now!
We are introducing legislation compelling the courts to post the audio recordings of all it's proceedings on the Internet. All courtrooms are already wired for sound and wired to the Internet. The audio tapes are already available to any member of the public for a small fee. There is no technical or legal reason why this can not be done.
This is a matter of public will and we want this done now!

The high cost of transcripts prevent poor people from appealing. Find out why you should care.
Understanding how and why judges become corrupt
Witch Trials: Understanding Hysteria In Our Courts
Game Theory Provides A New Mandate For Our Courts
A discussion of the justice instinct and it's relationship to group evil. See how game theory can be used to replace the court's archaic mandate of administrating justice with the mature mandate of administrating respect and cooperation
The Courts as a Complex Adaptive System:
How inteligent adaptive behavior emerges from the court system as a whole, which operates independently of it's membership and contrary to it's intended purpose

Software: Choose Your Weapon

What good is data if you don't have applications to access it?

We provide free software and support to all Justodians.

Free Services Include:
1. Speech To Text Conversion Engines
2. Text Analysis Engines
3. Custom Database Applications
4. Network infrastructure
5. Contact Management, Mailing and Faxing Engines
6. Web Enabled Multimedia Presentations
7. Virtual Community Meeting Places
8. Websites

For help, email: johnshearing@gmail.com

Morality: Guide Your Weapon

So much evil is committed in the name of good and so many good people commit evil.
Without frequent checks against guiding principals, you can not know which side you serve.

  1.Understanding Evil Caution, Extremely Graphic. Forgive me but we can't defeat what we won't even look at.
  2.Understanding the Difference Between The Sick, The Evil, The Sinister, And The Diabolical
  3.Understanding the Relationship Between Evil and Secrecy
  4.Understanding Malice In Terms Of Chemical Combustion
  5.Understanding Malice In Terms Of Storm Formation
  6.Spontaneous Group Evil
  7.Organized Group Evil
  8.Defining Respect
  9.Lack Of Respect vs Disrespect
10.Defining Evil
11.What is Hate
12.What is Love
13.A Science for Understanding Evil as Infectious Disease
14.Psychology and a Science for Understanding Evil
15.Neurology and a Science for Understanding Evil
16.Game Theory and a Science for Understanding Evil
17.Complex Adaptive Systems and a Science for Understanding Group Evil
18.Christianity and a Science for Fighting Group Evil
19.Using Existing Cell Phone Infrastructure To Eradicate Evil

Justodian Living: No man is so free to fight as a man with nothing to protect.
Pay Attention Corrupt Judges

1. JudicialComics: How It All Began. This stuff would be funny if it didn't actually happen.
2. Justodian Living: Hobojitsu
3. Can a man be homeless, earning only enough to live each day, and still be of value to his community?
4. In Case I am Jailed: Instructions for Friends and Family
5. A Special Thank you To Law Enforcement Officers
6. No man who trusts the lord can be intimidated.

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