America imprisons more people than any other country on the planet.
Including Russia and China yet our population is far lower.

That's 2,200,000 Americans in prison.

How can a country filled with such good people have become so evil?

Evil persists because good people never suspect they might be infected with evil ideas

America Addicted to Prisons
Most free Americans believe that drugs are responsible for our high prison population. Others blame minorities and still others blame immigrants. But the truth is that the prison industry makes big money imprisoning Americans. Obviously, prisons don't stop drugs or crime otherwise we would see the crime rate drop in response our world record rate of incarceration. Instead, crime is on the rise. And the more crime grows the more necessary the prisons seem to be. So more prisons are built, more people are incarcerated, the Prison Industry becomes richer, and the tax base gets smaller because more taxpayers are in jail. Consequently, there is less money to spend on schools, youth programs and public works projects so crime continues to spiral upwards as we pump out generation after generation of uneducated demoralized young people. Of course we need prisons, but the prison industry can not solve our crime problem. Only we can do that.

The answer to a crime and drug addicted population is:
Strong Loving Families, Loving Places of Worship, Good Education, and Good Jobs building our countries infrastructure.

As long as we have the most materialistic, unloving, angry, fearful, ignorant people on the planet, we will also have the planet's highest incarceration rate. We must commit ourselves to loving and educating our young people or we will soon find that half of us are prisoners and the other half are prison guards. When this happens our country will collapse do to lack of tax base and lack of productivity. You can see this already as our jobs move to other countries with lower incarceration rates.

We need to stop fearing our young people and start raising them.