The email below was use to prove my innocents of threatening to kidnap my child.

This article discusses how false domestic violence complaints are used for advantage in divorce proceedings

This email was written by my wife (sort of) to her sister just 12 hours before filing a false domestic violence complaint in the city of Rahway NJ. As you can see from the email, I had served her with divorce papers and she was looking for an advantage in the inevitable proceedings. So she went to the Rahway police and said that I had threatened to kidnap my son. I was jailed and prevented from seeing my child. When the whole issue came to court before the Honorable Kathryn A. Brock, I was able to produce the email (below) and my wife admitted that the email was authentic. At this point, the judge had no choice but to dismiss the complaint but she never punished the plaintiff for bearing false witness against me. Emboldened by the Judges wink at abuse of domestic violence law, my wife continued to fabricate other charges against me. Some of them are as follows.
Did I rape the plaintiff? Listen to this cross examination and judge for yourself.
Listen to the plaintiff admit to lying under oath about even knowing her second (current) husband and about claiming that I fabricated evidence..
Listen to the plaintiff admit that she lied under oath about her annulment to her second (current) husband.
By an amazing coincidence, it turns out that my wife also claimed that her first husband threatened to kidnap their child. And by an even more amazing coincidence she did it right before she filed for divorce. Her first husband was also jailed and the charge was later dismissed. In that case the act of bearing false witness was never punished either. Judge Brock would not allow me to have the complaint documentation but you can find it as Somerset County Docket Number FV-18-0468-92C Conneran v. Conneran. The point is that some women make a career of marrying men and harvesting their assets by falsely claiming domestic violence. This behavior would not be possible without the cooperation of judges like Judge Brock.

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