Hear Judge Kathryn A. Brock Tell This Homeless Man To Sleep In The Street

In this recording I am cross examining my ex-wife and we are going over our respective financial conditions so that Judge Brock can make a determination on equitable distribution.

My wife agrees that she has a better education than I have and she reluctantly agrees that she is earning money by renting the greater portion of her house while living in the fully finished basement apartment.

I on the other hand, had been living in my van for the past two years because I could not afford to have an apartment or even a room and still have enough money to defend myself in these proceedings. Judge Kestin of the Appellate Court granted me indigency status after receiving the affidavit below.

Finally we hear Judge Brock tell me "You could rent out your van and sleep in the street too."

Soon after these proceedings, my van was repossessed because I could not afford to keep it and still pay for transcripts and copying costs. As a result, I am forced to live in shelter I built in the woods and write my legal briefs at the local library.

Affidavit with pictures: See how this homeless man lives.

Find out where this homeless man gets the strength and courage to take on a corrupt judge?

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